About iSweetan

Hi, welcome to my little world, my space; though I’m not on myspace.

I’m a Journalist (at-least my degree says so), a Blogger (have been writing blogs for some time now) and a Human (that I am sure of). I love  icon-heart  writing, whether stories, poems, blogs, articles, tweets or status updates and I try my best to offer something different, something meaningful, something unbiased with my writing. I am a die-hard Nokia and icon-apple  Apple fan, primarily the iPhone, iWatch and the iPad and often times you’re likely to find my views on these devices as BIASED. I simply love them. Just my choice!  icon-smile-o

I love movies, short films, documentaries and I’m learning to make one myself. Don’t ask me about it.
I like the freedom one gets from a small device called a smartphone and thus I’m into mobile photography icon-camera-retro  and guerilla filmmaking. Filmmaking is all about learning, right? Since I am a journalist (thanks to my Journalism degree) I sometimes like to pen down a few ‘from-the-heart’ views on random stuff revolving general issues surrounding our beloved world icon-globe .

I would define myself as an introvert, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to interact with people. If you want to chat or talk, if you need someone to share stuff, or just need a friend on the internet, I’ll be more than happy to connect.

So, join me while I write stuff, some simple and some serious, some funny and try to make some films; short films and if you like and love what I say or talk, help me to spread the word around, give me a thumbs-up  icon-thumbs-up .