8 Nov, 2016

Or Die Trying: A series about women in film, made by women in film

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Women in Film Huh!
Ah no, it’s not what you think this is going to be about. I’m not going to talk about how women are portrayed on the television, on the internet and on the big screen. Yes, there has been and there are some really amazing, talented and inspiring women when one goes around discussing women in general. The television, the internet and the movies kind of depict them in not so wonderful sense. So, what exactly would make out of something that’s, “about women in film, by women in film.

Interesting, right?

While going through various crowdfunding platforms (planning a crowdfund project of my own) a few months ago, I saw ODT SERIES or ‘Or Die Trying’ a series about women in film, by women in film on Seed&Spark (a great  film-centric crowdfunding and Video on demand platform). They had already, successfully crowdfunded their production costs for the first season and I was really interested to learn more about the series. I followed the creative women behind the ODT Series on various social media platforms for the updates, and it has been motivational and inspiration for my own work as well.

Or Die Trying is a tale of women in films, the story of strength, the story of resilience, the story of discrimination, the story of power (in a good way) and the story of achievements. Women are an integral part of everything, everyday. In simple words, “OR DIE TRYING is about four ambitious women attempting to achieve their own definition of success, while dealing with the struggles of being a millennial in Hollywood. OR DIE TRYING echoes the universal truths that dreams are worth fighting for.”

It’s wonderful to see their work and their efforts being noticed as well. The ODT Series has been featured as IndieWire’s Project of the Week for the month of June this year and they have garnered attention and sponsorship’s from top companies like Busted Buggy Entertainment, The Ether, and Hot Pixel Inc. Among various others.

The world has different definitions for strong women, free women, ambitious women or just women. Yes, the women face discrimination based on their race, gender and  looks, but the fact that this discrimination is all so more widespread in the television and film industry all around the globe is sad. I know we can all face discrimination and it’s not gender specific  and I’m not trying to be a feminist. You talk about the film industry, with so many talented women doing all sorts of work, they are still thought of as fillers, sexual objects that can hook the audience. I’m glad the ODT series is something very different and fresh. The tagline really sums it up, “DREAMS ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR.” What would you do if you are a woman in search of success, dealing with everything around you, making your mark in LA, yes, you fight, you fight hard.

They are into production right now, but you can enjoy the trailer, it should give you a good dose of the great work that you can expect from the full episodes of the series. Obviously! The majority of the cast and the crew are all talented Women. The four founding pillars as I’d like to call them are:

screenshot2016-11-01at8-36-50pm-1Myah Hollis Executive Producer / Showrunner / Writer / Actor


odtdayfour-159Sarah Hawkins Executive Producer / Actor


14666066_1712889759037174_134023966840551562_nJenny Austin Co-Producer / Actor



View More: http://carolinejphillips.pass.us/odtdayfourChelsea London Lloyd Co-Producer / Actor

You can check out the talented squad on their official OR DIE TRYING website and if you happen to be one of those who’d love to support their thought process behind the series or to just support women in films, you can even lend you support there. I’ve been patiently waiting for the series to be officially out, but it’s still a few months to go and till then you can connect with them socially for all the updates.
P.S. If you’d like to know what’s the song that plays in the trailer (I Loved It icon-heart ), it’s The Dreamer by Anna of the North, you can check it out below.



“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.” -Stephen Chbosky
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