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It’s not a Love Story

It’s not a Love Story I am here, where you left me eyes closed, not able to see wings broken and heart bleeding my wounds wide open, not healing you only lost your smile in the strife I’m here lost, losing my life It’s hard for me to believe your words were a trick, to decieve look! How well you’ve...


While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping Last night I had a wonderful time, I had something that was truly mine. The glory of happiness, maybe for a while, With my memories I walked a mile. I was being watched, an angel was peeping, All this happened while you were sleeping. Now I get to know how love provokes, I believe that it’s...


A Short Film is your Trump card, here’s how to use it wisely and shine

Almost every filmmaker starts out with a short film or two under his/her name. This is the perfect start for anyone who wants to venture into the real deal of one day making a feature film; either through the big sources or just to be an independent filmmaker making ends meet through the crowdfunding platforms. The point remains, a short...