8 Mar, 2015

Showcasing some of the best Nokia photography kits from Nothing But A Nokia’s #nbankit theme; need some inspiration mobile photographers?

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Since the mobile phones got equipped with camera sensors, the world got the new breed of photographers called the mobile phone photographers. This was about a decade ago and now that the mobile phones have become smart, we’re called smartphone photographers. This could easily become just another blog that starts an online verbal war on the ‘my smartphone is the best’ ‘my mobile’s OS is smarter’ & ‘my smartphone has the best camera’ topic.

Of course, we all have choices, opinions and differences on almost everything and smartphones aren’t different, but this space belongs to the pioneer of mobile photography “NOKIA” and although, the Lumia’s are now a part of Microsoft, they still live and breathe Nokia. I guess I don’t have to delve deeper into the past and note down all the capable Nokia devices that offered (offers) great cameras, because the list is huge and I assume you might have an idea about what I really mean.

If you are a Nokia fan, a Lumia fan and you love photography, you might already know about a cool Facebook group “is: Nothing but a Nokia” that is founded by an avid Nokia lover, Traveller, Phoneographer and Author named Patrick Hamilton Walsh. The group, more than 15000 members (nbaners) strong, offers a chance to be Nokia loyal and share photos clicked using a Nokia device. I know, we all love our photography, but I’m going to share some of the cool photography kits my fellow NBANers use to click & capture some really awesome photos. These kits (nbankits) are simple and a real inspiration for all the Nokia users out here.

So, here we go:

#1 Afiq Aizat


This kit won the nbanKit challenge on the group and I guess we all know the reason why (the presentation). The kit comprises of an LED lamp, tripod, mini tripod, Lumia 1020 watershot case, mini telescope, lumia grip case, microscopic lens and some other gadgets.

#2 Trọng Khanh


This one’s a bit more of the gadgetry side, but it still has that one essential thing a photographer must have, a good tripod. There’s a mobile tripod mount that is necessary if you happen to have a smartphone other than an iPhone, because most accessories in the market are only made for iPhones. There’s a Surface, some LED’s, a Lumia and some classic yesteryear Nokia mobiles.

#3 Ashish Tiwari


A bit on the colourful side, this nbanKit features a couple of HP laptops, some colourful Nokia wireless speakers, a gorilla pod, Nokia treasure tag, and so many of covers for Ashish’s Lumia’s.

#4 Edward Lai


Ok, so not all of us have the privilege of getting all the smart accessories for our smartphones and this nbanKit from Edward focuses on the basics. It features a Selfie Stick (a must for almost everybody with a smartphone), a power bank, a mini tripod for his Lumia 1520 and Lumia 535, two cool set of earphones and some smartphone camera lens.

#5 Alex Rtn‎


This might not really be the obvious nbanKit and as Alex clears, the only part that fits the theme is the device with which the image was taken, a Lumia 1020. Still, this is so hard to find these days. The image shows more than 10 classic Nokia mobile phones we have loved over the years; even the indestructible Nokia 3310 cares to make a pose.


I hope you enjoyed these images, but if you’re still looking to make your own mobile photography kit and you have no idea about the basics you need, then read below to find some of the best ‘no so expensive’ accessories you should have.

Beastgrip for smartphones

Beastgrip for smartphones

#1 Tripod: A basic or a pro, a tripod is a must as it can make all the difference between a stable and a shaky shot. You can easily find a good tripod at your local store or online for less than $7. However, mounting a smartphone on your tripod could be tricky and that’s where a mobile tripod mount comes in handy (should be around $2-4).

#2 Rig: DIYs are great and you’ll be surprised to find so many DIY projects on YouTube to make your own smartphone rig. It could be a simple shoulder rig, a holder or a more advanced stabiliser. Though, you can also buy professional smartphone stabilisers for as low as $30.

#3 Selfie Stick: The name says it all. With powerful front cameras, the selfie’s are more interesting than ever. A selfie stick also works wonders as your simple monopod and you can get a cheaper one for close to $5.

#4 External Lenses: These are enticing and thus expensive too, but that’s if you’re looking for a real high class lens kit for your smartphone. The market is now filled with kits that are so inexpensive and include your standard telephoto, wide lens, fish eye lens along with a few others. You simply stick them to your smartphone’s camera and you’re ready. These lens kits are available in abundance starting at $10.

#5 Some important extras: I don’t need to mention that a good working laptop or a desktop with proper image editing software is a bonus (not a must), but if you aren’t into editing, then a good pair of earphones/headphones, a workable power bank, LED light pack, a sturdy smartphone case and even some backup battery’s is all that you need. However, more than anything else, you need to have a creative eye to find the interesting and then capture it using your smartphone.



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