13 Nov, 2015

Still planning to shoot using your smartphone? Nokia Lumia 1020 might be the best deal right now plus best Music videos shot using the amazing Nokia Lumia 1020

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It was Year 2013 and the world was mesmerized with what Nokia had to offer. A beast of a camera on a small screen, the amazing Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 Mega pixel camera was here. However, it wasn’t something new for Nokia as years ago there was Nokia Pure View 808 that had the same, insane 41 mega pixel camera. The world however, wasn’t really impressed with Nokia’s Symbian offerings and the 41MP was mostly tagged something like a last gimmick for a falling giant. Android and iOS were on top of their game and thus the Symbian era ended.

Nokia’s handshake with Microsoft was epic, not only did it offered the Windows Phone operating system a comeback (a real strong one), it also provided Nokia to stay in the limelight. All Nokia Lumia devices were proof that Nokia still knows best when it comes to mobile making and then the custom Nokia applications were icing on the cake. Nokia has always been named as the company that did the most amount of work for our modern mobile imaging or should I say for the camera in our mobiles. Anyhow, Nokia Lumia 1020 was/is special since it had Windows Phone OS that was getting popular and people were accepting it as the third biggest mobile operating system after Android and iOS. I won’t be going deeper to write what the Lumia 1020 offers, coz you already know. Instead I’m all excited for using the Nokia Lumia 1020 for my short film. Yeah! I’m still getting there for the past few months now.

I’ve been a huge, a die-hard Nokia fan and now also a Microsoft Windows Lumia fan, but never managed to use the 41MP beast. I’ve had a Lumia 800, Lumia 820, Lumia 920, Lumia 520 and a Lumia 1520 the current one, which along with a few other Lumia’s I have been using for my current filmmaking learning. I know it sounds absurd, but smartphone filmmaking is something that has stuck to my mind for a long time and I know the world goes crazy with the iPhone’s having thousands of accessories and applications to work with. But, everybody’s been doing that for ages! Yes, the Lumia smartphones are without doubt the best camera smartphones, but the lack of good video recording app that offers you filmmaker’s minor kit and accessories hinder the process.


Anyways, if you’re a stubborn Lumia fan like me and want the ultimate camera on a smartphone then it’s the right time for you to source a used Lumia 1020 since the new ones aren’t being made anymore and those who already have one don’t go out selling it often. Here in India, one can find a used Nokia Lumia 1020 for around Rs 10,000-11,000 or around $150-$165, which is amazing looking at the features it offers. Yes, the internals are a bit dated by 2015 standards, but it holds great at day to day tasks and moreover you’ll be so hooked to its camera (it’s picture and video taking abilities) that everything else will be forgotten. Moreover, Microsoft’s Windows 10 for phone should be here officially by December and one can expect some great features with it. So, you’ll ask why the Lumia 1020 over Lumia 1520 for my upcoming projects, well:

  1. It has the best imaging technology  icon-camera-retro
  2. The 41 Mega Pixel still sounds aaamazing  icon-bullseye
  3. The bigger sensor is great for video projects  icon-thumbs-o-up
  4. It has a 4.5-inch screen, which is easy to work with  icon-hand-o-up
  5. It’s a Nokia  icon-smile-o


Of Course, a Lumia 1020 or an iPhone 6 or a 6S isn’t going to make your video project standout. It’s your skills and your passion that counts before you even turn on your equipment.

So, here are a few videos that have been shot entirely on Lumia 1020 along with the passion for filmmaking/shooting.

Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You

Who can ever forget this amazing video song that was shot using Lumia 1020. There’s even a short film that is equally amazing.


Grryo meets mobile video meets Slaptop “Sunrise”

Filmmaker Dutch Doscher and art collective Grryo made this awesome dance video on the streets with dancers breaking into dance randomly shooting entirely on a Lumia 1020. The results are here for you to see.



Vihdoin vapaa – by Kristal feat. Mikael Gabriel

Ah Yes, you probably haven’t really heard this song let alone watching the video. Here’s Finnish rapper Mikael Gabriel doing his magic along with Finnish singer Kristal (Natalil Lintala), while the magical shoot was entirely done on Lumia 1020’s. You’ll be amazed at the quality of the shoot and even the song is catchy who cares if you don’t understand it.


and as a bonus for your motivation, here’s the making of this video




“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.” -Stephen Chbosky
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