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Mobile photography the correct way, some of the best accessories you must have

No, I won’t recommend you to create a Facebook page stating your name as a photographer if you happen to be a simple mobile photographer like I am, though I’d confess that I’ve seen some pretty amazing pictures that were captured using only smartphones, but then the people who were holding those cameras were somewhat professionals. Or in other words,...


Living with the RED BEAST Nokia/Microsoft Lumia 1520, it still is the best Windows phone in 2015; Lumia 1520 2015 Review

Ok, so the 2015 has had its luck with some really great flagship smartphones in the first quarter and it is quite understandable since we have those amazing electronics shows in the first half of the quarter. All the Android OEMs came to the party with bags full of products. From flagship smartphones, tablets, phablets to smartwatches, smartbands, camera  tools...