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Top 10 Cool smartphone photographers on Instagram using their Lumia’s and iPhones

Photography when simply thought about is all about capturing the moments we wish to preserve and it really doesn’t matter what camera we use, what talents do we have and how much photography skills we have; all that matters is clicking or pressing that shutter button on time. However, for some, the normal landscape photography or the selfie craze and...


Showcasing some of the best Nokia photography kits from Nothing But A Nokia’s #nbankit theme; need some inspiration mobile photographers?

Since the mobile phones got equipped with camera sensors, the world got the new breed of photographers called the mobile phone photographers. This was about a decade ago and now that the mobile phones have become smart, we’re called smartphone photographers. This could easily become just another blog that starts an online verbal war on the ‘my smartphone is the...


Shooting a short film or a feature film using only a smartphone; Plus 7 of the best short films shot on smartphones

Smartphones are not called mobile phones anymore and there are quite a few compelling reasons for it. The yesteryear mobile devices have evolved big time to be known and called smartphones. From high-end music players, mini computers, personal assistants to really capable photography machines and video recording devices, the modern smartphones can perform any task and you can still use...