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Why 4K recording for smartphone mobile filmmakers is important? Pros of 4K recording plus top smartphones that offer 4K video

There’s no doubt that major cinema cameras and professional and other DSLRs are now gearing up to offer 4K video recording capabilities and already a handful of such devices are available for your instant attention, but for photographers and filmmakers on extreme tight budgets (the independent filmmakers) who are just eyeing to enter this vast industry of quality photographers and...


Shooting a short film or a feature film using only a smartphone; Plus 7 of the best short films shot on smartphones

Smartphones are not called mobile phones anymore and there are quite a few compelling reasons for it. The yesteryear mobile devices have evolved big time to be known and called smartphones. From high-end music players, mini computers, personal assistants to really capable photography machines and video recording devices, the modern smartphones can perform any task and you can still use...