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My favourite travel books; The 10 best travel books for the traveller inside us

This might have nothing to do with filmmaking, but sometimes when you get no motivation at all, you can do two things, either you pack your backpack and head out to an interesting, unexplored place alone or you lock yourself with the best travel books and go on a virtual travel adventure. So, here I am listing out all those...


Planning to Crowdfund your film project? Here are some important tips to successfully crowdfund your short film, feature or documentary film

Filmmaking might still be a business for most filmmakers and well, you certainly can’t argue about that with all the top shot film studios investing huge amounts of money into the projects. Of course with investments comes expectations for returns and with the hard work going around with recent good films all across the globe, it is safe to say...


Top must follow websites for independent filmmakers, especially first-timers

“Not all the filmmakers are fortunate enough to join dedicated film schools to learn the art of filmmaking and not all the great filmmakers come from film schools.” Perhaps, these words highlight the importance of self learning aptly. You’ve got to have a liking for films and you need to be passionate about how the whole methodology of filmmaking works...