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Shooting a short film or a feature film using only a smartphone; Plus 7 of the best short films shot on smartphones

Smartphones are not called mobile phones anymore and there are quite a few compelling reasons for it. The yesteryear mobile devices have evolved big time to be known and called smartphones. From high-end music players, mini computers, personal assistants to really capable photography machines and video recording devices, the modern smartphones can perform any task and you can still use...


We are the society and we hate each other; fat people are humans just like everybody else

Discrimination is a huge word and by its definition, it’s the first brick thrown at our worldwide equality promises/pledges. However, because discrimination is vast, the levels also differ here, but I’m not going to talk about the varied discrimination issues around us as I’ve been yearning to talk about fat people, obese people. “They are the best Friends we all...


Understanding section 377 of the Indian Penal Code

Ah yes, this has been discussed and talked about a lot already and those affected by the said section of the Indian Penal Code know and understand the need as to why this has to be changed. However, most of the Indians, majority of the Indians know nothing about our laws, leave the 377 aside. To start, section 377 of...