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Or Die Trying: A series about women in film, made by women in film

Women in Film Huh! Ah no, it’s not what you think this is going to be about. I’m not going to talk about how women are portrayed on the television, on the internet and on the big screen. Yes, there has been and there are some really amazing, talented and inspiring women when one goes around discussing women in general....


These Indian Web Series are so good that you’ll forget your television

Gone are the days when one would sit in front of a television and enjoy the crap thrown on the name of entertainment. I remember the days when women in the house (not my house, my house loved comedies and they still do) would force you to sit and watch the pathetic indian saas bahu dramas. 10 years on and...


A Short Film is your Trump card, here’s how to use it wisely and shine

Almost every filmmaker starts out with a short film or two under his/her name. This is the perfect start for anyone who wants to venture into the real deal of one day making a feature film; either through the big sources or just to be an independent filmmaker making ends meet through the crowdfunding platforms. The point remains, a short...