20 Nov, 2016

These amazing music videos were shot entirely on Apple iPhones

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Yes, yes, I know, we have had this debated for long enough that a professional DSLR is better and it must be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use iPhones. I mean, they have always been great devices with amazing cameras’. The recent ones are even better. They are a wonderful photography devices and that also means they’ve come a long way with their video recording capabilities.
There’s been a complete Hollywood film shot entirely on iPhones. (This happened last year with Tangerine an American comedy-drama film directed by Sean S. Baker. It blew the film festival awards with its story, cast and most importantly the screenplay, the looks.)

Apple’s iPhones have been quite popular with artists trying new things as there have been some pretty good short films shot on the older iPhones. The latest batch of iPhones offer much more like on-board stabilisation, 4K video recording capabilities, better slow-motion and larger image sensor. I’m not sure whether most of us would like to delve deeper into the specifications, because quite honestly it doesn’t really matter anymore. Anyways, if you are the kind of person who’d like to get rolling with something on YouTube or on Vimeo, I guess you should pick up that iPhone on your desk and head out. Just shoot something, record something and if you’d like to have some inspiration, I’d like you to watch the music videos below. These amazing music videos have all been shot using Apple iPhones. Don’t forget to have some handy, inexpensive accessories to go along with your passion. Here are a few good accessories you’d want to have.


Robot Koch – Dark Waves feat Delhia de France

Directed by Sven Dreesbach, Dark Waves is Robot Koch’s track featuring Delhia de France shot entirely with the iPhone 6S. This stunning underwater video was shot using iPhone 6S, a case, a stabilisation grip, an app and a few external camera lenses compatible with the iPhone which came with the grip (Beastgrip).


DreLeoTV iPhone 6 Plus 

DreLeo’s music video was shot using the mighty iPhone 6 Plus and it’s not just the video that’s cool, but the music itself is quite catchy. He said he used Adobe Premiere to edit the whole project. With more than 100K views he still hasn’t given the song a name though.


Youngsta – Flowing Through my DNA

Flowing Through my DNA is a 2013 music video shot completely on an iPhone 5 (probably, the best looking iPhone ever). The name of the artist is Youngsta and the track is produced by Arsenic.  Directed by Adriaan Louw, the brilliant cinematic video was produced by We-are-awesome Film and ANDPEOPLE for Red Bull MOBILE South Africa. You loved it. Right?


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – No Love Like Yours

Olivia Wilde (Yes, the actress Olivia Wilde) directed this classic music video for The band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’s track No Love Like Yours using an iPhone 6s Plus. The reason? Well, the 4K video capabilities and no need for huge rigs and accessories. And, why is it important to note? Well, Wilde was assisted by Director of Photography Reed Morano who happens to be a talented cinematographer behind major HBO shows.


BJSR – Play

I first heard this song a year ago and instantly fell in love. Play is Ben Rivet’s (performing under the stage name BJSR) soulful track and if I’m not wrong, it is almost around 6-7 years old. Just like the lyrics and the music, the video is quite amazing. Simple, yet, to the point. The highlight, the Apple iPhone 3GS that was used to shot this project.



Peer – Tamir Khan


If you’re in India and love sufi music and lyrics, this one is a real surprise. Performed by Tamir Khan, Peer is shot using the iPhone 6S and it really makes you love the slow motion abilities of the iPhone. It’s good to learn how easy it is to make something cinematically artistic with a small mobile phone. I know there are like hundreds of iPhone shot music videos, but these are some of the best I found. If there’s any other that you know, please let me know and I’ll update them here. Let’s make a list of all great Music videos shot only on iPhones, perhaps.



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