25 Apr, 2015

Top 10 Cool smartphone photographers on Instagram using their Lumia’s and iPhones

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isweetan top smartphone photographers

Photography when simply thought about is all about capturing the moments we wish to preserve and it really doesn’t matter what camera we use, what talents do we have and how much photography skills we have; all that matters is clicking or pressing that shutter button on time. However, for some, the normal landscape photography or the selfie craze and even the mountain pictures is just isn’t enough. I mean yes, I don’t want to doubt the intentions all of us ‘so called self acclaimed photographers  icon-smile-o ’ have and I really want to count myself in as I believe I’m a terrible photographer.

Anyhow, photography doesn’t mean walking around with an expensive DSLR, carrying some equally expensive lenses and then waiting for that perfect moment to capture the subject. Yes, that sounds good for all our cool professional guys and girls, but hey! Not all of us are professionals, right icon-question-circle

When cameras became an integral part of mobile phones, nobody really thought that today we’ll have smartphones that come equipped with camera sensors worth 41-MegaPixels or that we’ll have iPhones that can produce photos better than DSLRs (not to forget that professional DSLRs when used by professionals are still the real deal).

Instagram, I certainly don’t need to explain or talk about the app. There are millions of users who all are photographers (count me in). Now, some can be really terrible, but there are others who use their smartphones to some real test trying to capture the best with whatever MegaPixels they have. You could easily find about the popular & professional photographers to follow on Instagram, but I’ve decided to highlight and list some of the cool smartphone photographers we should check out on Instagram. Trust me, they all are great and you’ll love their Instagram galleries. I’ve listed 10 of the cool Instagrammers for now and I wish to continue adding more to my list, so if you know somebody who’s really good with his/her smartphone camera, do let me know. It’s the best way to appreciate icon-heart  and enjoy their work.

Here are my first 10

#1 @thephoneographer

Perhaps, the best person to follow and admire on Instagram for smartphone photography is Patrick Hamilton Walsh. He’s the person who founded the popular ‘Nothing But A Nokia’ group and is the CCO of Instagram favorite ‘PicHitMe.’ He’s also a bestselling author, if you’re into reading books. No wonder he’s a personal favorite and is the first one here.

#2 @mariasander_

Love the nature and the black & whites, do look out for what Maria Sander has to offer with her Instagram gallery. It’s all shot on an iPhone and the 700 or so posts are all delightful. You are bound to hit the likes and follow, but I leave that to you.

#3 @_atromentaro


Syairan Norazlan from Malaysia uses his iPhone to bring some really great contrasting images.

#4 @simoneaversano

You’ll be surprised to see what Lumia 735 can do. Check out the gallery if you’re a lover of the green.

#5 @carlaiome

#sunset #sea #seascape #shotonlumia #picoftheday #shotoftheday #clouds #light #nofilter #water #reflections #sand

A photo posted by Carla Morghen (@carlaiome) on

Carla Morghen uses the Lumia 1020 and there’s no doubt that Lumia’s are the best when it comes to smartphone photography, Check out the gallery for some beautiful sunsets.

#6 @gazsoendi

Endre Gazso uses his Lumia 1020 and his Lumia 925 to capture almost everything he loves. You’ll like the deep macro shots from his gallery.

#7 @drysdaleandco

It’s been a year that Susan Drysdale has been using her Nokia Lumia to capture some awesome architectural shots. Not that all the shots are architectural, the symmetry and crazy lines/curves of these shots are amazing. BTW she’s also a WordPress Wiz!

#8 @duminhtong


Uses an iPhone 5 and almost all the images are vibrant with so many colors.

#9 @metaphor1984

With an iPhone 4s earlier and now with the latest iPhone 6, this Instagrammer has over 4500 uploads on Instagram. If Nature, Flowers, Woods and something on similar page is your thing, then you’ll love to scroll through the gallery. BTW, there are some awesome random shots of everyday life, which you wouldn’t mind liking.

#10 @pasha250679

From Russia with love! Pavel and his Lumia 1520 are cool companions and together they have created some really beautiful shots. You should like the raw nature of the photos with some sunsets here and there.


Now, not that I wanted to self advertise here, but if you’re on a follow roll, you could spare a moment to my posts too. I’m a terrible photographer, but can throw a sunset here and there, sometimes. So, if you’re in the mood to find me on Instagram, just look out for isweetan.




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