18 Apr, 2015

Top inexpensive camera and smartphone rigs, stabilizers for great photography, video recording and filmmaking for independent filmmakers or photography enthusiasts

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Getting a great camera or a smartphone with a great camera for your photography habits or your video and filmmaking hobbies isn’t difficult as one can effortlessly choose and find the best device that suits someone’s budget and taste. The current market is packed with some of the best modern camera devices, be it the professional DSLRs or super powerful smartphones with incredibly insane camera sensors, but we often tend to neglect the importance of some of the inexpensive accessories we can get for our camera devices. There are accessories that can help to achieve PRO like finesse to our amateur hobbies of photography and filmmaking.

I won’t be analysing the amount of devices or the devices themselves here, but there are some practical accessories like camera rigs, camera stabilizers, camera mounts and others that can be the difference between a good photo & a video or a great professional photo and a shake free video. Yes, the modern camera devices do offer inbuilt stabilizers, but it’s all good to have some sort of control over the result you intend to achieve.

Speaking of rigs and stabilizers, if you like to fiddle around and work on DIY projects then you need to head over to YouTube and search the hell out of it, but if you want to keep it simple and have some amount of extra cash, you can look out for inexpensive stabilizers in the market. I have compiled a small list of camera rigs & camera stabilizers that will not only work with your professional DSLRs, but should be great with your smartphones too.

#1 BeastGrip Pro $70:


Chances are that you might have heard about the original BeastGrip, which was awesome. It was marketed as the best camera rig for smartphones. The all new updated BeastGrip Pro is one step ahead as it offers so much more for the money you spend. The new Pro version is currently making headlines on Kickstarter and is moving ahead at a rapid pace. It still has 6 more days of funding and chances are that you can still avail the best offer without pledging any hefty amount from your wallet. It supports various amounts of camera lenses, along with external microphones, audio recorders and lights. It even supports the modern 6-inch plus phablets. The BeastGrip claims it is “The most versatile lens adapter and rig system for phoneographers and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones.”

#2 SteadiCam Curve $59.95:


The original SteadiCam really revolutionised the camera stabilizer market with its simple design and its ease of carrying and use. However, the newer, SteadiCam Curve comes with better design and good price (though you might find some other Steady Cams for less than its $60 price). It is specifically marketed as the ultimate stabilizer system made exclusively for GoPro cameras, but can definitely make it to work with other devices too. The new Curve was the CES 2015 Innovations Awards Honoree and was the winner of the First Annual Twice Picks Awards at CES 2015. Tiffen offers free delivery to 48 US states for all orders above $50 and for International customers, appropriate shipping charges may apply.

#3 Glide Gear SYL-3000 $89:


Manufactured by Glide Gear, the Glide Gear SYL-3000 camera stabilizer might look the same as SteadiCam Curve, but it comes with Non-rust stainless steel and aluminum parts, which automatically makes it sturdier than its competition. Thus the extra $30 can be understood here. However, you can also go with Glide Gear’s SYL-1000 model that is specifically made for small cameras, GoPro’s and smartphones and it only costs $75. You can purchase both of these models and various other Glide Gear models on Amazon, or you can simply out their official website for more information.

#4 C Shape Camera Support Rig $18.99:


This isn’t a stabilizer, but works as a good camera rig. It’s unique C-Shape comes with Support Mount Bracket and it also has a Top Handle Grip for DSLR/DV Support System Rig. The rig is one of millions you can look out on Amazon or eBay and for $19 it seems to be a bargain for your heavy DSLR camera. Available on Amazon, the rig says it is compatible with 15mm rail-rod support system and is used together with follow focus, matte box, camera cage, LCD monitor and other accessories. The product has good user ratings and is ideal for making video with movable scene or micro shoots.

#5 FlyFilms Flyboy steadycam Stabilizer $16 (Rs1500 including shipping in India):


Perhaps, the best value for money product one could wish for. The FlyFilms FlyBoy steady cam camera stabilizer not only supports Go-Pro, DSLR, Mini DV cams, but is also compatible with smartphones and it can support loads up to 1.5 Kg or 3.3lbs. It looks like the SteadiCam Curve and is a great product. You can even purchase their professional looking tall hand held Steady Cam Stabilizer for close to $70. You can buy the FlyFilms Steady Cam on Amazon India’s website.

BTW, if you have any ideas or inexpensive products that you might like to see here in the list, just drop in a comment.



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